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These are just tattoos that i like. None of them are mine unless otherwise stated. Submit any of your tattoos, your friends tattoos or any tattoos that you like yourself. You can also ask me anything and everything you want :]

Come ASK me bro

Anonymous said: hey! so i got this little paper plane on my ribs that i want to cover up its about 1.6 inches (4cm) i was hoping you could give me some ideas of what i can cover it up with

Sure thing! Since it’s a relatively small tattoo it won’t be all that hard to cover up, you just need to find the right thing for you. I’d recommend something with colour like a flower or some birds. I’d say use colour because it is one of the best things to use to distract your eyes away from the fact that it is a cover up. If you don’t like colour then go for a darker B&W tattoo. :)